Heirlooms and personal items in newborn photos

March 15, 2022

Including heirlooms and personal items in your portraits makes them that much more special.

While I always provide all props, outfits, backdrops, and other design elements of each carefully designed newborn set, I love it when parents have something special, like heirlooms and personal items, they want to include! Your portraits become even more meaningful when you include heirlooms.

A bracelet from your mother? Your grandmother’s rosary? The baby rattle generations have played with? A piece of fabric from your time in the Peace Corps? A photo of a loved one lost too soon? All of these cherished items will add a personal touch to your newborn portraits and can always be incorporated into your images.

Virtual design consultations

The first step of any newborn photography session is the design consultation. That is where we meet to plan your entire session, start to finish. As usual, we begin with the end in mind, thinking about where you plan to display your artwork in your home and what might coordinate best. I host design consultations virtually over Zoom, because that allows me to share images with you, and we can discuss your vision for the session.

Planning your newborn session with heirlooms and personal items

During your design consultation we’ll talk about colors that will coordinate with your home, hues and textures you love, props you find adorable, the headbands you think are most beautiful for your new little love, and the poses you prefer. We chose everything together to make your dream newborn portraits come true. During your consultation, I’ll ask you if you have any personal items you’d like to include in the session. Some parents don’t, while others do. If there are items you would like to include, we’ll design sets around them together to perfectly highlight those heirlooms and personal items in your newborn photos.

Maine newborn baby girl holding her grandmothers bracelet by photographer Stacy Knapp Photography
This sweet baby girl’s mother wanted to include her mother’s silver bracelet. So many times grandparents are lost before meeting their grandchildren, and adding a bit of them in portraits reminds us there is someone watching over them.
Maine newborn baby girl covered in African fabric from the Peace Corps by photographer Stacy Knapp Photography
This mama wanted to include some African fabric from her time in the Peace Corps.
Maine newborn baby girl and boy twins holding photo of grandmother by photographer Stacy Knapp Photography
These twins lost their grandmother shortly before they were born, so their mother asked to include a photo of her as well as a dragonfly, which always reminds her of her mother. I had the knit sleepers handmade in these custom colors chosen by their mother, then I had a felted dragonfly made to match. Newborn sessions are completely customizable. Have a dream for your portraits? Just ask <3
Maine newborn baby girl holding heirloom baby rattle by photographer Stacy Knapp Photography
This mama wanted to include this heirloom silver baby rattle that has been in the family for generations.

How do I get the process started?

Want to talk about using heirlooms and personal items in your newborn photography session? That’s easy! Just reach out. You can use the contact form, pop me an email at Stacy@StacyKnappPhotograph.com, or call (207) 385-3220.

Ready to book?

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