The In-Home Newborn Session

Wait - You do this all in my house?

THAT’S RIGHT!  I have refined an exclusive system that allows me to create studio-style newborn photos in any space.  I bring everything needed for your custom session, and you’ll be amazed at how little space I need!

Newborn sessions can take some time, and I want you to be in the comfort of YOUR own space, especially while you’re still recovering from having a baby.  Relax on YOUR couch, in YOUR sweatpants…get the idea?  Convenience and comfort.

There are few things more stressful than taking your brand-new baby out of the house.  The anxiety of driving with them, worrying about bad weather, and remembering to pack everything they need (How do they need so much stuff?!), combined with the stress of getting yourself photo-ready and packing everything the family needs – it’s overwhelming!  But it doesn’t need to be.  With my in-home newborn sessions, I come to you.  Everything you need is with you already, and you can get ready while I work – easy and relaxed, exactly how it should be.

Siblings (and sometimes dads ?) can get bored quickly.  Being in their own home means they can go hang in their own space once they are done.  Everyone’s happy.

Remember, the goal is to make this easy and stress-free

I remember how hard it is to get out of the house with a newborn.  Doubly difficult if there are siblings. Little ones seem to need so much stuff!  Getting out to a studio is not easy.  Entertaining a sibling while baby is being photographed for hours alone is not easy.  Making sure dad can get enough time off work to get to the studio is not easy.  I make it easy.  I come to you.  I bring everything we need.  We’ll plan it all ahead of time.  And: we’ll take it slow.  You’ll be home, relaxed, and we’ll let baby guide us through the session.  Some babies are knock-out sleepy, and we can get through all of your dream setups quickly.  Honestly, that’s not the norm though.  Most babies take some time to settle into sleepy poses.  Depending on what we discuss in your design consultation, we can include family, sibling, and wrapped poses if baby is awake or fussy.  We’ll wait for baby to get super sleepy then we’ll get those naked baby poses if you want them.  Because you’re home, there is no hurry.  We’ll take breaks when baby wants to eat or needs a change.  We’ll take our time and make sure we get the images you’ve been dreaming of.  Your new little love will only be this tiny for a short time, so it’s important we are patient and slow and give baby time.

For some studio-style setups I do need an extra set of hands to make sure baby is safe while I am a foot or two away capturing the image.  For this reason, I ask that Dad or another friend or family member is available during the session.  Mom can certainly help, but many moms are not yet comfortable getting up and down off the floor so soon after giving birth.  We want everyone to be safe.

Don't worry about the mess

“Oh my goodness, my home is too messy.”  Every client asks me this, even those with spotless homes.  Please don’t worry.  The whole point of me offering in-home sessions is to make it easier for you.  I have two small children myself, and I remember well what it’s like to have a newborn.  Everything but baby gets put on hold.  You nest.  You feed and change baby.  That’s about it.  Housework does not get done.  You may live on granola bars for days because they’re easy.  You get a pass.  A total pass.  For everything.

We’ll plan it all together

I will walk you through every step of the process, starting with the plan.  During your design consultation we’ll plan every detail of your session – from the colors, props, and poses, to what you should wear and what you plan to do with your portraits from the session.  We’ll use these details to tailor your boutique session to perfectly fit your unique family, lifestyle, and home décor.

Studio-style images

I bring everything we need for studio-style posed images including realistic fake wood floors and lighting.  We’ll plan every detail in your design consultation, so I know exactly what we’ll need – which props, wraps, backdrops, posing fabric, tiny blankets and furs, bonnets and headbands, flowers and greens.  We’ll talk about which poses you like best.  We’ll discuss family and sibling images if you’d like to include them.  We’ll talk about what you should wear.  I want to make sure I know your priorities as well as your dreams for this session, so I can work my magic and make that happen for you.  I know how important these images are to you now.  Perhaps more importantly, I know how important these images will be for you as your child grows and to the generations to come.  I want them to be perfect for you.  And for that to happen, we need to plan it out.  Don’t worry, your part is a simple discussion with me and maybe some Pinterest homework if you’re game.

Lifestyle images

Since we’ll be in your home, we can easily add lifestyle images to your session.  Or, if you’d prefer, we can create a session filled with only lifestyle portraiture.  It’s completely up to you!  Lifestyle images are all about the connection between family, the endless love parents already have for their new addition.   These portraits are about family and emotion, about baby’s relationships with parents, siblings, and even pets.  You may want to include images of baby alone in a crib or wrapped up somewhere cozy.  Lifestyle newborn and family photos may be taken in any room in the home.  I always suggest a couple in the nursery or with baby’s bassinet because these are details you will want to remember.

We’ll capture it all – the tiniest details, the love, the excitement, the wonder, and the amazement your baby brings to the family.  You just cuddle with that baby and leave the rest to me.

If possible, it is often helpful to have another friend or family member at the house to watch any young siblings while mom and dad are having their photos taken with baby.

Outdoor images

Depending on the weather and your hopes for the session, we may be able to capture some outdoor images of baby.  These can be posed setups in props in the grass, or more lifestyle photos with baby in mom and dad’s arms.

Stacy Knapp Photography offers boutique in-home and outdoor portrait sessions. Specializing in newborn, baby, and family photography, Stacy Knapp travels throughout the state with her mobile studio setup catering to her tiniest clients (and their tired parents!) in the comfort of their own homes or on location in the beautiful Maine outdoors. Service areas include, but are not limited to, Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Bath, Biddeford, Boothbay Harbor, Brunswick, Camden, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Freeport, Gorham, Kennebunk, Kittery, Lewiston, Portland, Rockport, Saco, Sanford, Scarborough, Standish, Waterville, Wells, Westbrook, Windham, Yarmouth, and York.