Portraits selected as newborn photography winners

Woo hoo! I’m thrilled to announce that three (THREE!) of the three portraits I submitted to a prestigious international newborn photography competition have been selected as winners and are now being considered for the top prize! THREE! I am so proud! And excited! It is so fulfilling to be recognized for my newborn photography work! (I realize these are a lot of exclamation marks — but oh my goodness — YAY!)

These three newborn photographs were selected as winners in the 7th round of the international AFNS AWARD 2020.

For any photographer, not just a newborn photographer, being recognized for your photography, for the art you create, is pretty amazing <3 Yes, of course this is a job, an occupation, and a source of income for my family. But: it’s so much more than that. The real award is the look on mom and dad’s face when they see these beautiful portraits of their newest little love. The real award is knowing how much these portraits will be treasured by my families and their future generations. The real award is creating gorgeous art that really means something to someone’s heart. Newborn photography is definitely emotional, but that’s what makes the work so meaningful.

Why do I participate in photography competitions?

Every once in a while I submit an image into newborn and baby photography portrait competitions. I’m always learning, always growing as an artist, and I believe this is part of the improvement process: getting honest feedback on my work and how it might be improved. It’s about entering my work and putting myself out there. Normally I submit one portrait, but for this competition I simply could not decide, so I went ahead and submitted three. And: they all won! They’re all newborn photography portrait winners and finalists for the top prize!

About the international AFNS Award

The AFNS Award is an international portrait competition for photographers in the fields of newborn photography, pregnancy/maternity photography, baby photography, and childhood photography. There are ten categories: newborns, pregnancy, sitter, children, protected, siblings, motherhood, fatherhood, family, and breastfeeding. The AFNS competition judges look for exceptional quality. Portraits are judged based on creativity, idea, composition, image design, and implementation.

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