Maine Watercolor

$30.00 $25.99 + Maine sales tax (5.5%)


Proud to live in Maine?  Proud to visit Maine?  Show your love for our state with a customized watercolor image.  Composites can be created using portraits I’ve created of you or your family or snapshots you’ve taken yourself.  Yes, a high-quality cell phone snapshot should work just fine for these pieces!

Note: Out of respect for the work of other professional photographers, I will not use portraits from other photographers unless express permission from the photographer is given.

Email your photo:

After you place your order, email the photo you would like composited into the Maine watercolor to:  Note: images will be cropped to fit into the state shape best.

How will I receive my image?

Final images will be sent as jpeg files for printing up to 8″ x 8.”