Let's smash some cake!

Here's how to prepare for your little love's cake smash.

A cake smash session is a super fun way to celebrate and document this early birthdays.  They’re perfect for little ones turning one, two, and even three.  The older they are, the messier they get!  Take this opportunity to capture your child’s delight as they tear into a sugary cake!  Get ready to get your hands dirty!


Cake smashes last about an hour. We will take some images without the cake first. Your child can be in a different outfit during this part of the session if you’d like, i.e., one that won’t be covered in cake and frosting. After this warm up, I’ll take some images of the cake alone, then we’ll put your little love in front of their cake and let them go nuts! Just a warning: some kids don’t like their cake. That’s okay! We can smudge some frosting on their face and get adorable images just the same 🙂 If you’re adding a “splash” session, we’ll get your child cleaned up and put them in the bath next to wrap up the session..


Due to allergy concerns, I am not able to provide the cake. 

I am happy to recommend some local bakeries if you will not be making the cake yourself. Whether you are making the cake, or having it made, please consider the following:

>>>Please make sure that the cake is placed onto a cake round (something that can be used to transfer the cake easily from one surface to another). A piece of cardboard cut into a circle and covered in aluminum foil works just as well if you are making the cake yourself.

>>>Think light colors for the cake itself – red cake smeared on baby’s face and tends to look like your little one just, um, ate someone – not the best look!  Black and blue frosting can be equally difficult to wash off baby and clothing.  That said, if you have your heart set on it, sometimes it’s amazing!  Just be warned 😉

>>>Remove the cake from the refrigerator 2-3 hours before the session to allow the frosting to come to room temperature.  This makes sure it’s nice and squishy and easy smashed.


Here's your checklist:

1. Cake 

2. Pre-cake photos outfit (optional)

3. Cake smash outfit

4. Outfit to wear home

5. Change of clothes for parents, just in case (Frosting gets everywhere!)

6. Diapers

7. Sippy cup to help wash down the cake

8. Snacks (think cheerios or puffs) in case baby doesn’t like the cake.  Sometimes it helps to hide them behind the cake to make it look like your little one is actually eating the cake.  Ssshhh…if you don’t tell, I won’t 🙂