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Hi there, I'm Stacy!
(Nice to meet you.)

I love to take photographs. I always have. There’s something about capturing beauty, texture, genuine emotion, and love that I long for, and it gives me so much joy. So, so much joy.

I started offering my portraits professionally after my daughter was born because…well…I wanted to take even more photographs. When my daughter was born, my son was two and a half. Two and a half! He was born and then in what seemed like only a second he was two and a half! Time is racing. My kids change so fast. Your kids change so fast. I love every stage. Every silly face. Every smile. Every pout. Every dance move. Every haircut. Every adorable little outfit. And I want to remember it all. I take photographs so I can look back at them and let my heart swell just like it did when I saw the same image in real life, however long ago that was. I take photographs because I love, and I love to remember that love always.

I’ve been drawn to photography since I was a child. I loved capturing what I saw. To freeze a moment in time. As a child that was so cool! Anyone remember these?

I remember my old cube flash camera and 110 film. I can hear the click when I think back. As I got older, I graduated to using my father’s Canon AE-1, a 35-mm film SLR – big step up for me! I still love this camera, but film…who has time?! I used this camera for grade school science fair projects and developed my own film through high school. Years later I crossed paths with a hobbyist using a professional Nikon digital camera, and I jumped on board and never looked back!

I’m a mom, but I’m also a scientist. Before I had children, my photography was very different. In a previous career, I very much enjoyed time looking through microscopes, drawing and diagramming details, and this pleasure carried over to my photography. I was drawn to texture, to contrast, to shape, lines, and shadow. I loved tinkering with camera mechanics, playing with different combinations of the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I played with physics, changing my camera settings to either abruptly stop flowing water or to capture the smoothness of the flow. I was a hobbyist and enjoyed macro and travel photography. I perfected my technical photography skills during this time, and I created beautiful images of the world around me, but I rarely photographed people.

Priorities change.

Before I was a mom I captured the physical world in my images. Now that I’m a mom, I capture love. Love and silly faces. Oh, my goodness, it is so much more fun!

Did I mention I love to take photographs?