So exciting! Three newborn & baby image competition winners!

August 10, 2020

This is so exciting! I’m thrilled to announce that three (THREE!) of the three images I submitted to a newborn and baby photography competition have been selected as winners and are now being considered for the top prize! THREE! I am so proud! And excited! And anxious to see how they do in the final competition! (I realize these are a lot of exclamation marks — but oh my goodness — YAY!)


Every once in a while I submit an image into newborn and baby photography competitions. I’m always learning, always growing as an artist, and I believe this is part of the improvement process: getting honest feedback on my work and how it might be improved. Normally I submit one image, but for this competition I simply could not decide, so I went ahead and submitted three. And: they all won! They’re all finalists for the top prize!

(Note: most of my clients prefer to keep their images private, so I submit images in competitions only when the client has given me permission to use them online, in social media, and in advertising.)

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